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BOMB Media Group

We are a boutique Regional Digital Marketing Agency based in Tamworth NSW, specialise in providing digital services for businesses across the regions in Australia.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing for regional businesses is simple and easy to follow.


We understand that as societies and businesses are transforming faster thane ever before, we as individuals are relying more and more on the technology available for most of the activities we undertake during our daily routines.

So it is the case of businesses,  a constant change and transformation that not always allow us to know it. For that reason, we at BOMB Media Group focus on practising according to our strengths and sharing this and our experience with our clients.

We have a firm belief that if we make things easy to understand and follow, you as a client or consumer, regardless of age and technical knowledge could follow what we do, how we do it and them apply to your business, after all, we want to make sure you also learn some skills along the journey with us.

“The Internet is and will be the dominant force to Market your business in the 21st Century, whether it is Google or Social Media we at BOMB Media help you build the bridge between the younger and older generations to get the best out of the digital space with your marketing campaigns.”

Our Awesome Team




He is our crazy creator, the person behind the scene making sure that we deliver what we promise, on time, within your budget and beyond your expectation



Head of Creativity

Creativity is a skill that we all have, whether we used it or not that is a different thing. Jerico breathes design, style, innovation and uniqueness as he uses his power everyday of the week.



Head of Complex Coding

It is not a matter of being a Geek, introverted or extroverted. It is a fact that when Dave is in his element he can produce the most amazing result for you!

Our Values

Are represented by our commitment to be diligent, educate others and be consiten.

Beyond what we do, we care for our customers and focus on being able to help them grow their business through the digital space because caring is the key to our business model.
Nothing is possible without some sort of education. Whatever we know we are happy to share with our customers as this becomes a win win situation every day of the week.

They learn and grow with us as we do with them.


Consistency equals quality and quality equals consistency to us. Without these, we would not be able to help others.

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Audience Analytics

3D Animations

Graphic Design

Digital Training

Video Creation

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